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Voting and stuff

2015-06-01 14:54:02 by Prime-Riyu

Guys I got some really intresting news. I was chosen to vote for a monthly voting dealio that happend once a month. I was supposed to vote for ten movies/games made by someone who deserves some support and needs their name heard by the community. So I voted and tada thats done.

Also sorry for not being active I got some life issues.

Boredom and random updates

2015-04-30 11:33:33 by Prime-Riyu

Ok Guys I got creativity block...Sooo...I'm jus goin to...upload a few arty there...Don't mind me...

Also Thanks guys for supporting the PrimeInformer Reviews. Might do some "News Cast" of some sort that is game or animation Related...or Maybe even internet celeberty related...Just an idea...Yup...Boredom...Might go play Overlod(I'm addicted)...Jeez I hope this doesn't turn into some kinda weird blog thingy...anyways I'm goin to get some stuff ready to upload. See ya.

Good afternoon everyone! Todays review is actually got something diffrent from the last two!(I might be wrighting to fast but there is just so much cool stuff I wanna share) Ok we actually got input from one of the members of the collab of the animation! I asked a few questions and a member named Serge seemed eager to answer. I will tell you what Serge has to say then we can move onto the evaluation! Here is the interview.


They were very nice and cooperative, Now onto our evaluation.


I loved the quality of the video, the animations are smoothe and the sound effects and voice acting is professional work in my eye, heck I would rather watch a series like this then that horrible zelda 80's tv series.(even though I still liked that show)


Crystal Chronicals Clear


Now alot of people have made good jokes about villager and smash broes but this one was my favorite. And I love the reference to one of my favorite game series they added at the end. I know that after something like that I would never go bowling....because I would be dead...Only in fantasy would anyone survive the wrath of the villager...Bravo to these holy men...Bravo...


Hilariously great


These Guys got some real skills I say. They have good team work to make something as majestic as this master piece. Them lines are clean, the shading is to good even for Bob Ross, And just look at these expressions. They are hilarious! You get another point.


Kiss  Me Senpai


You can tell they put their might into this animation, Its praise worthy, comical, and just great. I wonder how long it took them to write some of these jokes. It would take me years to come up with the ridiculus goofyness these people made. I think they have had to much internet...Or maybe not enough...


IGN says Yes


There isn't reallt much to say about emersion, The animation wasn't meant to be emersive, its meant to be funny and relatable but I I'll give mercy points just because I love the serge person now.


It's not meant to be....

Ok lets tally up those points!*throws stuff in le potion and the results appear as followed*

Quality 1+

Originality 1+

Teachnique 1+

Effort 1+

Emersion 0.2+

Total Stars/Points



Thank you guys for reading todays Review and if you want to request me to review any content you can comment or PM me.

Go check out 4Taken or your life will be forsaken...







And don't forget to watch this thingy mabooper I praise so much. For some reason this slightly reminded me of the attack on titan battles... Wonder why...

Now I feel like I'm missing something important...Oh well!

Don't forget to follow if you want more great reviews on animations and gameplay!and that reminds me...I got my first may not seem like much to you but man it made me fly today...Went straight out the window and flew with the unicorn dolphins....CRAP now that stupid narwhal song is in my head!...Why am I still typing all this?

OK...After getting this Review deleted after almost finsihing I'm a little upset that I have to type It ALL back in...But Mistakes happen...Let's move on with life... Welcome to PrimeInformer Today I will review epic battle fantasy!

(wish NG had Auto save for news post)

Man the first time I played this game was when two years ago on my old account. Those were the boring days...until i met this game...Now this game has kittens turn base rpg and booobs!now what is a game without boobs? Gay? HA! But for real i have nothing against gays so please don't hurt me for saying that...


This game has great story style and game play. You will almost instantly fall in love with the cute anime style and the Turn base Rpg fun. The sound effects and music is als amazing. The music Is by Phyrnna a really great musician in my opinion. I mean.. When you reach the boss battle that music will get you pumped! It's awwwesooome! I want this sound track...


Really Good


Ok the plot is really good and goofy, the style of the game is completely unique to anything I have ever seen. The Music is amazing and original(thank you Phyrrna) and the characters are very appealing. There are loads of stuff to unlock like medals, armor, weapons, and skills! And the "limit attacks" are just flat out crazy, I love them because they make you feel powerful. there are so many to unlock too!




The Creator matt-likes-swords(also known as Matt Roszak) has really good technique. His animations skills are good, his progremming is lawless, and his games are epic. He clearly had a good taste in music too. Phyrnna was a great choice.Man...listen to that boss batlle theme...



You want an example of effort? Look at this guy. He has made four games and two side projects related to the series. thats three sequals and two spin offs. And the games have five differemt languag settings! FIVE! I can only imagine how difficult it was for one person to translate these games into five different languages! And look at the level desings! and how much map space he had to create for the games!thats alot to me I donno bout you. This guy deserves a good pat on the back for his hard work.


Work-Aholic(or how ever you spell that. to lazy to get the dictionary.)


Now I didn't really feel bonded with the characters but they were appealing and it is really easy to get lost into the game and its warm atmosphere. The story is really goofy but its still fun and nice to learn more about. And the music is a drug. It gets you really into the battles. makes you feel pumped to destroy the enemy with crazy wacky attacks.


Ok time to Tally up the results!  Had fun completely re-writing this...stupid NG and your Non-auto save post...

Quality 0.7+

Originality 1+

Technique 0.5+

Effort 1+

Emersion 0.5+

The over all rating is 4.7!Congrats your really cool! Now go check out the games for your self and check that soundtrack! It's really Groovy and gets me Moovy~

Play his games and check out Matt's profile!

Listen to the epic sound track I braged about through the whole review and the musician who made it!!


The Trailer to show you the game(Please just try it, its so awesome once you get into it)


One more thing guys, you can ask me to rview your content if you wish but there are a few rules:

  • No games that require downloads
  • Must be on Newgrounds, ArmorGames, or Kongregate
  • I don't review small demos unless there is alot of content in the demo
  • Don't be shy to ask but don't be rude
  • You don't have to pay me I'm doing this to share amazing content with others and to help people get their content and name out there to the world



Do you like Fnaf or and comedy? Then check out This crazy wacky friend of mine! Coksi makes some funny stuff! and no NSFW she is a normal person unlike me.

PrimeInformer:Markiplier fnaf 3 fanimation review

2015-04-21 15:06:55 by Prime-Riyu

Hello guys and welcome to my first review on this profile! So I will start off saying wow their is already a few things that I want to review but this one has to be first! Its a markiplier fnaf3 fanimation by a user named SkyLegend01.

So Lets get started!


Ok it is obvious when you start the video the details lighting effect and sound quality is really great, The background had work put into it along with the characters.



Yeah yeah markiplier animations have been made where he is playing fnaf and all but this had its own little short story behind it, it wasn't just ripped audio from his video it actually has extra stuff added, a story with extra characters related to Mark's video's, to be honest I'm not a huge fan of mark I just watch them once in a while so I'm not saying this out of favortism its compplete honesty that this is just a "Wow" video. I also love the refrences to Mark's previous lets plays.



You can see that this SkyLegend has amazing skill when it comes to animation it's very good, I love the style used for the characters and the environment. He uses alot of detail in his animation as you can see.



You can see this animator is a hard worker, I compared a few of his projects to this one and saw that he has put effort into it. And I understand the trials of animating, I'ts difficult!It took me hours to make a short 3 second animation that didn't even work because I forgot to convert it to a .SWF file XD. And I know I said this multiple times already but there is so much detail put into it it amazes me!



Now This animation actually made me feel like I was in the environment with the characters, it was spooky, 2spooky4me, And you dont really get that emersive feeling from alot of animations. This was just so amazing.


Ok lets wrap things up with a over all tally of the points.

Quality 1+


Technique 1+

Effort 1+

Emersion 1+

Over this animation has earned five points! which is five starts. I hope to see more animations from SkyToons in the future. Now you guys go watch that animation and tell me what you think. Don't forget to check out his twitter @Skylegends01 ! And remember to stay informed.


Prime Informer:Now on NG!

2015-04-17 16:38:06 by Prime-Riyu

Hello Newgrounds community! I'm Prime-Riyu(Riyu, Suchiro) a hobby artist who loves games! Here I will upload some art and review games! When reviewing I make post like this and leave a link to it and it's like a shout out and I give ratings for the content. I do plan on making games and animation but I'm saving that for the future. 

So Thank you for visiting my page and I hope you enjoy my content and reviews! And here are a few things to know about me.


I'm an artist

I'm a gamer

I'm a furry(dont expect any adult content cuz that is eww dont like that stuff)

I have a deviant art( )

I will be doing reviews, you can ask me to review your content through messages or the comments

I had a account but its on a previous e-mail(which i dont remember password) and I forgot the password for that one. (It's been 2 years XD )

I'm tolerant to all culture/beliefs so I'm very friendly so dont be afraid I dont bite at all(sometimes)

FNAF IS AWESOME(Respect opinions to be respected is mato or how ever you spell mato idk)

Your absolutely butyful(true)


Ok bye bye have a good time!