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Entry #6

Voting and stuff

2015-06-01 14:54:02 by Prime-Riyu

Guys I got some really intresting news. I was chosen to vote for a monthly voting dealio that happend once a month. I was supposed to vote for ten movies/games made by someone who deserves some support and needs their name heard by the community. So I voted and tada thats done.

Also sorry for not being active I got some life issues.


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2015-06-03 02:02:05

The first time I was chosen to vote, I was so confused and had no idea what the heck any of that was. It's pretty neat how they choose people based on how active people are on this site, which is kind of nice

But also I hope the best for you, NG will always be here so no need to apologize ^^

Prime-Riyu responds:

Yes it was my first time getting chosen and it shocked me. But I enjoyed it but its so difficult to choose XD. Anywho I hope to end this hiatus soon and get back to updating regulary. Thanks for the comment.